E ngā iwi, e ngā karangatanga, teiti me te rahi, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou.

All people, all relations, great and small alike, greetings to you, greetings to us all.


Attendance = Learning = Opportunities.

We are all responsible.




The Auckland City Education Services (ACES) is a successful Educational Service (funded by Ministry of Education) and delivers the MOE Agreements for the Provider and this is Mount Albert Grammar School.

ACES key responsibility is to work beside the student, a parent, whānau and families or form connections to a student who is:

  • Not enrolled in education, to find and facilitate their return to a legal form of education

  • Unjustified absent from a School. To define the concerns and consider the options that will support the child to return and attend school every day.

  • Referred to Alternative Education for Auckland City and Howick / Pakuranga Consortia


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Alternative Education (AE) is designed to act as a short-term (or long term) intervention to support students who have been alienated from other forms of school.

AE aims to re-engage students in a meaningful learning programme targeted to their individual needs and transitions their return to a mainstream school,  further education and/or training or, employment.

The Attendance Service supports Schools, by responding to any referrals for a student is Unjustified Absent or Non Enrolled.

The Attendance Service vision is “every student attending school every day, as a foundation for engagement in learning and achievement.” 

ACES delivers the Attendance Service for 151 Schools in the Auckland City Area.