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AE is designed to act as a short-term (or long term) intervention to support students who have been alienated from other forms of school. It aims to re-engage students in a meaningful learning programme targeted to their individual needs and supports them to go back to a mainstream school or further education / training.

Alternative education caters for students between 13 and 15 plus years of age who are alienated from mainstream school.  To be eligible for alternative education, the student needs to meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Out of a registered school for two terms or more.

  2. Excluded and enrolment is refused by local schools (including a history of stand-downs or suspensions in the past two years).

  3. Has dropped out of Te Kura after enrolment in either category 1 or 2.

  4. Absent for at least half of the last 20 school weeks for reasons other than illness and the absence has meant they are unable to maintain a mainstream programme.

  5. Has multiple suspensions and risks further suspension.

  6. Students do not have to fit one of the first five categories above, if in the professional opinion of the school alternative education is the best option for the student.



ACES Managing School is Mount Albert Grammar School and is contracted by the Ministry of Education to provide alternative education for Auckland City and Howick / Pakuranga. ACES deliver the MoE contract by contracting an AE Provider who ensures the AE Programme is meeting the individual educational, social and wellbeing needs of the student.

The enrolling school refers students to alternative education. The enrolling school maintains educational and pastoral responsibility for students while they are enrolled in their school and are attending alternative education, as per the National Education Guidelines (NEGs) and National Administration Guidelines (NAGs).

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