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The Attendance Service supports schools and students to manage and improve attendance. Attendance Services responds to any student who is (Non-Enrolled) and the student, (referred by the school) who is unjustified absent.

ACES aims to support Auckland City schools by:

  • Providing guidance to effectively manage attendance

  • Reduce unjustified absence rates and non-enrolment

  • reduce the time taken to return students to education.

Student attendance and engagement (this includes their parent,

whānau / families) has the greatest influence on their achievement to improve their options for the future.


Attendance Service Strategic Plan:

ACES Attendance Service Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 is a 3-year focus to “Change the Tide”. The plan is to consider “how best” can the Attendance Service address the historical data of the high referrals of Yr. 10 and 11?”   The Attendance Advisors’ (AA) average hours attached to the Student Yr. 10 and 11 age groups is high due to the complexities (often entrenched non-engagement) with the student and for the parent, whānau / families.

Primary School age students referred are explainable and can be open-shut cases.   To consider how best to change the tide ACES aim to concentrate on developing AA reflective practices on investigating their casework to consider where actions (from the School, the Attendance Service, a Service or Agency as well as the student, parent whānau/families) to consider possible options or actions to adjust the response.  Also, ACES will look at how best to gather evidence (from the data collection) to set in place the right conversations that will challenge and address “Changing the Tide”.


“Changing the Tide” is only a beginning, however, to address change will not be an “overnight outcome” and will take a “collective will” and effective collaboration between the MoE, Schools, Agencies, and Services.







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