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An online tool where you can find education data for different regions, a particular School or Community of Learning on student population, engagement and achievement.

Attendance Service Application (ASA)

Absence referrals from a school to the Attendance Service must be made through the Attendance Service Application (ASA). ASA records unjustified absence referrals and non-enrolment notifications from schools.

The links just below will guide you to:

  • ASA Access Request (Password Application)

  • Training Video on how to use ASA

  • Attendance Service Application School User Guide

  • Instructions to Create an Unjustified Absence Referral

To make an Attendance Service Application visit the MoE website here to apply for access to (ASA).

When to lodge an Unjustified Absence Referral in ASA

If a student has been unjustifiably absent, without satisfactory explanation, and your school has been unable to return the student to school, then log on to ASA and lodge an Unjustified Absence Referral. Once lodged, the referral is sent directly to the Attendance service provider who will allocate the referral to the appropriate Attendance Advisor for action. 

To lodge an Unjustified Absence Referral you can log into ASA by entering your ESL username and password via this link Attendance Service Application (ASA) logon page.


All children aged between 5 and 19 can enrol in a state school if they are a domestic student or an approved exchange student. Check domestic enrolment requirements and using ENROL to update student information.

For more information, or to learn about your obligations to record and maintain student enrolments visit Enrolling Students here. Or click on the links below.


How to use the electronic Attendance Register (eAR), applying to get it, codes for recording attendance, and resources about using it. Electronic Attendance Registers (eAR) are the only approved Ministry method for recording attendance on your Student Management System (SMS).


The Electronic Attendance Register (eAR) and Attendance Codes will guide you to the following:

  • Getting the best out of eAR

  • Applying to use eAR

  • Attendance Codes

  • Guidelines on attendance and truancy

  • eAR template policies and protocols

  • eAR tips for best practice



ENROL is a register of student enrolments. It lets schools update enrolments as students enrol, change schools or leave the school system. All schools must use it.


These links will guide you to:



To managing and support students see the Attendance Guidelines here. Choose from direct links below that will guide you:


These Guidelines are designed to assist boards of trustees, principals, and teachers with their legal options, duties and meeting their obligations under relevant statutory requirements and are for use in all state and state-integrated schools. Independent schools may also wish to adopt this guide.

This link will guide you to:

  • Legal options and duties

  • Good practice

Stand-downs, Suspensions and Exclusion Guidelines can be found here.

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