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The Youth Service supports young people aged 16 to 19 to engage in education, training, and work-based learning, and to have the life skills to be a successful contributing member of the community. The Youth Service aims to get young people into education, training or work-based learning. This will help young people gain the skills to find a job and have an independent future. Young people work with community-based providers who give guidance, support and encouragement to help them find the education, training or work-based learning that works.

About Youth Services -


Solomon Group – Manurewa:   

Springboard Community Works:

STRIVE Community Trust – Mangere: 

Youthline Auckland – Grey Lynn:

Youth Service West – Youth Horizons – New Lynn:


The career experts – to help you to make informed choices about learning and work. Choose, improve or change careers. Tips on finding work as well as study and training options. Career ideas and write a CV.


Careers Services -

Youth Law Aotearoa -


YouthLaw Tino Rangatiratanga Taitamariki is a free community law centre for children and young people nationwide. We provide free legal services to anyone aged under 25 who are unable to access legal help elsewhere, or those acting on their behalf. We’re a registered charity (CC10505) and we’re part of the nationwide community law centre network. We’re the only organisation operating across NZ where children and young people can access free legal services just for them.

We provide four main services to children and young people:


The TYLA Youth Development Trust was established in 1996, tasked with finding a better means of reducing the number of young offenders in New Zealand. Our ambition is to identify ‘at risk' youth, who are on a pathway to crime, and to intervene before their wayward journeys take them too far. To empower young people at risk of offending to turn their lives around and take responsibility for their actions. We do this by visiting youth and their schools, visiting parents and youth in their homes, engaging youth with life skills learned at camp, holiday programmes etc. Working collaboratively with other organisations to ensure information is shared and that TYLA programmes are consistent with best service delivery.


TYLA – Turn Your Life Around -


Genesis Youth Trust offers holistic wraparound services for first-time and recidivist youth offenders and their families referred from NZ Police, Child Youth and Family Services and Local Schools. Our services and programmes are available in Counties Manukau West, Counties Manukau South and Auckland East. Our wraparound approach includes Youth/Social work, Youth Mentoring, and Counselling. Our aim is to reduce and prevent youth offending by engaging our clients in education, employment, training and connecting them to positive community activities. We also aim to build positive relationships between youth and their families and address the underlying causes of offending.


Genesis Youth Trust -


Community Approach identifies seriously ‘at risk’ young people early – before they enter the formal justice system and provides support and mentoring for young people and families in crisis. Two groups benefit from the programme, the community, which is safer and more peaceful, and the young person who stays out of the justice system and is able to explore his or her full potential as a person and citizen of society.

Community Approach -

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