In April 2016, the Auckland City Truancy Free Retail Areas was launched for Auckland City.

In Auckland City the MoE states that a child who can miss all or part of School without a justified reason (commonly known as truancy) can amount to 3028 students on any given day.   The young people can be at home, at safe places, roaming or meeting with peers and then searching for entertainment. 

To support Auckland City’s Future ACES with the Police have joined together to increase the local community’s awareness in the need to intervene and prevent the risk factors that underlie unjustified absence (for a student who is enrolled in a School) and through the Truancy Free Areas that are in Glen Innes, Panmure, Onehunga, Mt Roskill and Avondale. 


The aims for the Truancy Free Retail Areas are:

1.          Improving the working relationships between Government Agencies and Schools in the Auckland City Area

2.          Local areas and communities in Auckland City are aware of the importance of a child receiving an education and are supporting Auckland City’s Future Plan

3.          Reducing day-time criminal activities as a result of being unjustified absent or not enrolled in a School


Retail Businesses and Schools have agreed to participate in the Truancy Free Areas have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the role of responsibilities to ensure the success of the Truancy Free Areas.

An email address now in place and is for Businesses and/or Communities to email any concerns of “groups of young people” gathering and not in School.  This information will be followed up by the Attendance Service and/or Auckland City Police.


Attendance = Learning = Opportunities.  We are all responsible.