This report will describe some key insights about the transition from primary to high school for students in a diverse, multi-cultural and growing community. The report lays out some of the key aspects of successful transition and the barriers that get in the way of students and families being ready and starting high school successfully. We identify ways that the community can work together to better support our young people and whanau as they make this very important step.

In McGee, C., Ward, R., Gibbons, J. & Harlow, A. (2003). Transition to Secondary School: In a Literature Review they summerised a study of a diverse group of 100 students for 18 months as they transition from Year 8 to Year 9 and on into Year 10.  The purpose of the research was to identify the factors that seem to assist or hinder the transition.  Overall the findings regarded transition from Yr. 8 to Yr. 9 found were:

·       The primary to secondary schooling transition is not the ‘disaster’ that is often feared.

·       Most students quite quickly adapted to the more immediate changes inherent in a move from a primary to secondary school, such as finding their way around in the new school, moving classes and becoming familiar with different rules and routines.

In McGee, C., Ward, R., Gibbons, J. & Harlow, A. In a Literature Review they stated there is a ‘danger period’ for students (due to the significant change) an ‘unsettling’ with negative feelings towards the school, relationships with teachers and learning which happens in the second half of Year 9 and was not at the first few weeks following the transition.

To ensure any Year 8 student “who was at risk” not to be enrolled in a Secondary School is identified and they are enrolled on Day One of Term One, as this will strengthen the likelihood of their transition from Year 8 to Year 9 to be successful.

From: Auckland City Attendance Service Transition Project Summary Report (May 2015)

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